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FREE "Support Local Business Day" Membership. Guaranteed to Help Your Business Growth! The $100 Membership Fee Has Been Waived.
Amazing Features ... Imagine learning how to get celebrities to endorse your local business (guaranteed), free payroll services for your business, free medical for all your employees or affinity group, guaranteed financing for all your customers, how about advertising where you only pay a commission when you sell your product first, imagine getting information on the next crypto that's backed by over $3.7 Trillion in Assets. There's no other crypto like it! AND YES! You'll be in on the ground-floor and more ...

Imagine, receiving access to all the above services at the world's most incredible prices.
• LIFETIME Chamber AAA+ Rating ... Receive a GUARANTEED AAA+ Rating for your business from the "Business Chamber of Commerce" with its 21-year track record. You'll be able to use this rating in all of your marketing, advertising, and packaging. Your rating logos are included and ready to use immediately. Can be used with all other credentialed services such as the BBB and so on. Just one good customer more than pays for itself. Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $30.
• Get Your Local Business Endorsed By a Celebrity For Under $1,000 ... Learn how to promote it, where to share it on Social media, how to turn your endorsement in to sales. How to craft your presentation to get the celebrity you want and more. You can even have somebody else do it for you. If a Celebrity endorsed your business, that could bring in substantial revenue. Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $30
• Finance Your Customers. No Credit Check! ... This financing option features a great-no-credit check-financing program for merchants who specialize in services. Example: Auto repair. Attorneys. Carpet cleaning. Nail salons. Consulting and just about anything service-related. Especially anything medically related like dental, chiropractic, doctors, and so on. Even people with no JOB can qualify for up to $500 in financing. The financing company collects the payments from the customers and GUARANTEES you the monthly payment and NO RECOURSE. YOU, as the merchant, are never in the payment-collecting business. PLUS! We give you two other sources of unique financing for your customers, especially retail sales. Just one customer you got financed that may not have been a customer otherwise, more than pays for itself. Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $50.
• Free Payroll Services ... Get a multitude of FREE payroll services for up to 25 employees. If you have more than 25 employees, there's a small fee. This is PERFECT for small businesses and startups! Here's an example of what's included: Pay Employees & Contractors, Tax Calculations & Forms, Direct Deposits or Paper Checks, Vacation Time Tracking, Employee Portal, Detailed Reporting, Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service, Integration Tools and more. It's completely free because they are advertising supported. Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $20.
• $0 - No Upfront Cost Advertising. Guaranteed Results Advertising ... Imagine having your business, local or national, advertised on high-traffic websites with NO RISK? Websites like: Bank of America, Yelp, Virgin Airlines, and, of course, a lot more. No Upfront Money or Deposits of Any kind. Virtually any type of business (NO MEDICAL) can use this program. You get sales FIRST, then you'll pay a commission (typically 20%). Receive thousands of dollars in advertising with no upfront fees. Your account comes with a portal, so you can track all your results. Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $20.
• Free Discount Medical Program ... Imagine giving yourself and your employees (or affinity group), a "Discount Medical Program" that costs you nothing! No catch. No gimmick. The program includes Discounts at Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Eye Care, and Pharmacies. The program can also be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with insurance. Typically, discount medical programs cost anywhere from $20-$30 per person, per month. Think of the savings! Use it to cover an UNLIMITED amount of employees (also covers you and your family). 
Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $20.
• Unlimited Free Bank ACH Transfers ... Plus, this payment solution acts like a merchant account as well. (This is NOT Stripe or PayPal.) That's right? Start collecting payments immediately. You can also set it to where the customer pays the credit or debit transaction fee. Great invoicing service as well. Price for this benefit: Only a one-time, $20.
• Own a Restaurant or Coffee Shop With Food? ... Receive a GUARANTEED 5-Star Rating for your best entrée and your best dessert. You'll be able to charge more for the item because of the rating, which guarantees you added revenue. The only way you can lose is if you do not use this program. Can be used by ANY restaurant or coffee shop (with food) in the world. We provide the logos you can use for your website or menu. Ever have a customer ask, "What do you recommend? Oh! I recommend (this particular entrée or dessert) because we just got our 5-Star Rating." Your rating is provided by the National Restaurant Organization. Price for this benefit: $50 per-year, no monthly fees.
Here's The List of Free Benefits ... That's right! No matter which product you purchase, you'll get all the following benefits for FREE!
 How to cold-call without cold-calling.
 The World's greatest cleaning product (I kid you not).
 New Free "zoom" type service. It's the simplest platform for your people.
 New Self-Charging Batteries. Power your home for 10 years. Coming soon.
 Teach what you know and build your local business.
 More free employee benefits.
 Reverse negotiating guarantees more sales. 17-minute learning curve.
 How to tout your website correctly. Stop losing sales and do it right.
 Corporations for $150 in 24-hours. Includes State & Resident agent fee.
 AND, hot news on the upcoming crypto that has doubled in price since its inception. Now trading at $785 per token. Get the "inside" info on when it will double again.
 AND, continuous updates on our quest to go public with Regulation D 506(c) and Regulation D Rule 701 for advisors. If we feel you can bring a lot to the table, you could be in consideration as an Advisor to receive stock options.
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